Singing Princess Parties provide fabulous princess parties for your little one's. We provide the highest quality and authentic princess birthday parties and events in London, Surrey, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Kent and Milton Keynes! We are a boutique company, performing at a limited number of bookings to ensure you get the highest quality experience you and your little one deserve. 


Singing Princess!

The singing princess is a professionally trained singer who has performed at countless children's parties, weddings, events and bars across the UK and beyond. The singing part of the party is truly magical and Abigail has honed her craft to sound exactly like a real princess!


Experienced Princess!

Abigail has personally performed at over 600 parties since 2016! Abigail's experience is unrivalled and not only does she look and sound like a real princess she is also able to hold her own in a room full of excitable children. This is so important for keeping the children attention and engaging them throughut the party. Our costumes are professionally made to bring you real life princesses.


Magical Princesses!

We are committed to making dreams come true. We go above and beyond to bring the princesses to life and spread magic at every party we attend.


Superhero Parties!

We also offer Superhero Parties! Our action packed superhero parties are perfect for any superhero fan and can even be mixed and matched with a princess party package for a party everyone will enjoy!


We promise to make the experience a magical one which will never be forgotten. We specialize in tailoring each party to be truly unique and special to your child. We offer a personal, stress free service to ensure you can enjoy the party just a much as your little one!  Click below to see how our parties work!

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I was inspired to start Abigail's Princess Parties back in 2016 because I wanted to create the perfect princess parties for little girls and make their dreams come to life. I trained professionally at Laine Theatre Arts in singing, dancing and acting and after doing princess parties during my training, I was inspired to start doing my own princess parties! Fast forward 3 years and we had a whole team of princesses and superheroes too. This was amazing and we were extremely busy each and every weekend with all of our performers across the UK attending parties. For the most part this was successful however occasionally performers would let me down at the very last minute or do a great party 1 week a not so great one the next. This put me under so much stress it began to make me very unhappy and ill. I'd spent years building an amazing and reliable company and found that unfortunately I just couldnt rely on others the same way I could myself. So I decided to go back to where it all began and carry out my parties myself. I've never personally cancelled a party and know hand on heart I could never let a little one (or my mummy clients!) down on such a special day! This means I can now provide a 1000 percent reliable, top reviewed service. You know exactly who is coming to your party(me!), what they look like and its my business so I can guarantee you an unforgettable party with no hiccups!

I am passionate about creating the perfect party experience that is personal, unique and stress free so that you can enjoy the party just as much as your little one!

I promise to make your little princesses and superheroes dreams come true and give them memories that last a lifetime. I'm so excited for this new chapter and I hope to see you at a party very soon!

Abigail xx

our parties

At Singing Princess Parties we create a magical party atmosphere your little one will always remember. Our parties are interactive, enchanting experiences where we nurture imaginations and bring dreams to reality.

Our performers are dedicated to staying in character and making each and every child feel special. During our parties you can expect singing, dancing, magical games, makeovers and lots of wishes.

Our parties are perfect for little one's who love magic and princesses. From Royal Coronations to making wishes with fairy dust, we bring characters to life and make wishes come true!

Click the link below to learn more about how our parties work. 


Our Princess and Superhero parties are an interactive style of party. Our dedicated performers provide story book style entertainment and remain in character throughout the party. Our performers are not like party clowns or DJ's, the parties we offer are all about the children interacting with their favourite character whilst playing traditional party games. If you are having over 40 children attend your party, we recommend booking a DJ in addition to characters. 

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