The Ultimate Princess Experience

What makes Abigail's Princess Parties different to all the other companies you might ask? 

Let me tell you! 4 years experience of not just children's parties but weddings and adult events too, lets be honest parties are for you parents too as well as the little one's!

I've hosted parties in the top hotels in Mayfair to village halls to garden parties and to the living rooms of all shapes and sizes. I know what works, what doesn't and how to adapt each party to suit every different situation. 

If there's one thing I've learnt its that children are unpredictable! Sometimes they are super attentive and good as gold, other times the sugar gets to them and they're running around the room. My experience has taught me to entertain many different groups and keep hold of the group, you can be the prettiest most princess like performer in the world but ultimately you need to be able to engage the children and keep control of the party!

Having previously had up to 25 performers out t parties in one Saturday I know alot of companies have a wide base of performers most of which are great but like anything, nobody works as hard for a business as the owner. It is me who will be performing at your party, not someone working on behalf of me, this means you can rest assured I will turn up and deliver every time. No stress of having to call a company and tell them the performer hasn't arrived(I am sure I'm not the only person who's had performers cancel last minute!) 

I am a professional singer and all parties involve singing, not lip syncing! REAL LIVE VOCALS!

We also offer bespoke backdrops such as flower walls and sequin walls to really enhance the magical experience and they also make a great setting for pictures! These are exclusive to us so again you need not rely on anyone else. 

I give 1000 percent at every single party, the energy is high and the parties are engaging and magical. What you see is what you get!

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Add a backdrop to any booking and enhance the decor of your event! We offer a gold sequin shimmer wall, a pink flower wall and a white flower wall!

All backdrops are set up before your princess experience begins and taken down after. They can only be booked with the 90 minute or 2 hour party package and are available for the duration of either package.

The cost of adding a bespoke wall to your booking is £180 inclusive of set up and take down. 

our parties

At Abigail's Princess & Superhero Parties we create a magical party atmosphere your little one will always remember. Our parties are interactive, enchanting experiences where we nurture imaginations and bring dreams to reality.

Our performers are dedicated to staying in character and making each and every child feel special. During our parties you can expect singing, dancing, magical games, makeovers and lots of wishes.

Our parties are perfect for little one's who love magic and princesses. From Royal Coronations to making wishes with fairy dust, we bring characters to life and make wishes come true!

Click the link below to learn more about how our parties work. 


Our Princess and Superhero parties are an interactive style of party. Our dedicated performers provide story book style entertainment and remain in character throughout the party. Our performers are not like party clowns or DJ's, the parties we offer are all about the children interacting with their favourite character whilst playing traditional party games. If you are having over 40 children attend your party, we recommend booking a DJ in addition to characters.