Hello and thank you for choosing to book with Abigail's Princess Parties! We are delighted you have chosen to book with us and to make your experience the best one possible we have composed this very helpful(we hope!) party guide. We want your party to run as smoothly as possible, we hope this guide answers any questions or worries you may have but if there is anything else please don't hesitate to give us a call at anytime!

1 Week To Go

Don't forget to let us know if there is anything we can do to make it extra special for your little one!

Your princess performer will send you a text confirming her attendance and arrange her arrival with you(usually a day or two prior to your party).

We always give you a call upon arrival so please make your phone is on you on the day and you have provided us with the correct mobile number.

Princess Arrival

Most of our princess performers will arrive by car, if this is the case they usually will have travelled in full costume. They will call you upon arrival and ask that you come out to meet them. We usually ask if you can help us in with our equipment to allow the princess to knock on the door for the birthday girl to answer and not have lots of equipment to carry in with her. It doesn't look very magical if our princess enters carrying lots of equipment!

Where possible we ask that there is an area for the princess with a chair that is situated near to a plug for her music player.

Princess Hiding!

Some performers will arrive via public transport(mainly London areas.) If this is the case, when the performer contacts you to introduce herself she will arrange with you how and where she will get changed. Our number one priority is to keep the magic alive so our performers are used to changing in all sorts of places so as not to be seen out of character! If your party is in a hall we kindly ask for no children to be allowed into the changing area whilst the performer is in there. Our performers cannot be seen out of costume and have been known to get stuck hiding in the toilets until the children have left! 

Parking & Cars

Please ensure a car parking space is left for the performer(drivers only of course!)

We also ask that when the performer leaves, you don't let any children follow her out to the car. We want the children to believe our princesses have travelled far and wide to get to the party. We don't want the children to see our princess getting in or out of a car!


When you pay the princess (especially if there are children present) we suggest either following the princess out once she has finished her performance or before she enters the party. Alternatively you could hand her an envelope, some mummies forget and give our performers cash in front of the little one's. They may not understand but we like to be on the safe side!

Food & Water

Our princesses really appreciate a glass of water to keep them hydrated.

Please note our performers are not permitted to eat in front of the children or in costume. If you would like to offer your princess food she is allowed to take some home after her performance.

Birthday Cake

Our performers will announce that it's time for birthday cake around 15 minutes before the end of the party. They will gather the children to the area you would like to do the cake and get everybody singing. If you would like the performer to carry the cake this is possible as long as the cake is not very heavy.

Party Plan & Numbers

The party plan will run as agreed in your booking summary. If there any games or changes to the party plan please make sure you let us know before the party.

It is important that there are not more than 24 children per 1 performer unless agreed by us upon booking.  If there are more than 24 children we would require you to book 2 performers. The standard of the party can be greatly affected if there are more children than agreed and it is a condition of booking with us not to exceed this number unless otherwise agreed. If you have young children not participating they will need to be included in the numbers as this will add to the background noise.


Here is a guide of the prizes you can expect from our parties.

Pass the parcel(90 minute and 2 hour party only)

There is a prize in each layer and we usually do between 8 - 12 layers depending on how many guests.

We find this is plenty as the children can start to get bored after the first few layers!

The other prizes we give out can be things such as sweets, chocolate treasure, bubbles, wands and other children's party toys!

The birthday girl receives a tiara and wand as a gift.


We always leave time for photos at the end but feel free to take as many as you like during the party too! We are so grateful for any photos shared with us, you can send them via email or tag us!


We really appreciate it if you can take a photo on behalf our performer, its totally up to you if your little one is in the photo or not.


Our princesses are trained to create a magical atmosphere and behave like real princesses would! Our parties are interactive experiences built around magical moments that capture the children's imaginations.

We ask that background noise is kept to a minimum to allow the children to enjoy their experience with the princess and allow the performer to be heard.

A Note From Abigail x

I hope you have found this guide helpful and it has given you a good insight into how the party will run.

If you do have anymore questions don't hesitate to contact me, I am dedicated to making your little one's party as special as possible so please just let me know if you have any special requests.

We are really looking forward to bringing our magic to the special day!


Best wishes,

Abigail x